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Create an impactful business & purposeful life that sets their heart on fire 

Masterclass & Key Actions Worksheet
We’ll show you how to define your identity, core values, vision and personal mission so you can start your journey to reignite the fire that burns inside you to be the courageous man you we're born to be.
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We coach and mentor individuals, entrepreneurs & athletes to be brave, to create life on their own terms & to relentlessly pursue what sets their hearts on fire
Through our guidance, our clients;
  • Find purpose & learn to be unapologetically themselves
    • Discover the core of who they are 
    • Define a clear vision of who they want to be
    • Discover their strengths & areas of greatness
  • Get out of their own way and make way for success
    • Get out of comfort zone 
    • Overcome fears and self-limiting beliefs​
    • Uncover the barriers & challenges that hold them back
    • Develop strong self-discipline and mental fortitude
  • Muster the courage to bet on themselves
    • Get out of their comfort zone
    • Play bigger and push their boundaries
    • Get inspired and empowered by a coach who believes in them, values them and sees their potential greatness.
  • Become doers & high performers that work smart
    • Set clear goals and action steps to accomplish them 
    • Adopt a winning routine and success habits
    • Develop strategies to maximize productivity through planning, as well as leverage time and energy.
  • Become leaders who use their gifts to impact others
    • Inspire & influence others to make positive change
    • Build deep, long lasting and powerful connections connections
    • Lead from the heart
Our mission is to ignite a fire that can shake the world and transform ordinary people into the brave and extraordinary leaders that inspire greatness in all of us.

A lifetime is way too short to accept feeling unhappy, unfulfilled & uninspired.  It is also bad management of our human potential to allow for it to be caged, tamed & locked away in the comfort zone.

Our natural gifts are meant to serve others and to enjoy our lives to the fullest. Our default setting at birth is to be great and to manifest the best and most authentic version of ourselves. It's a tragedy that, so many of us have forgotten about who they are and what they're truly capable of. They're just a shell of themselves and deep down, they know it.


You may ask yourself, what is the cure? what can change everything? what can save us from this prison of the mind?

Here's one simple answer.... You have to be brave!

  • Listen to your heart.

  • Quit that job you don't like.

  • Start that new business idea you've been thinking about for so long.

  • Ask for that promotion you deserve.

  • Pursue that big dream that scares you and gives you butterfly's.

  • Spend more time with those you love.

This is why we do what we do.

Because great people are stuck thinking and living small not realizing that life is grand and abundant. Because they need a mentor to guide them, teach them and empower them to gain clarity, set a direction for their success and become self-reliant on their journey. And lastly, we do what we do because, the world needs more people who step up, who fully show up, who inspire others, who make the impossible possible, and who lead at the next level.

At XC10 Performance Coaching, this is what drives us everyday.

Our mission is to shake the world by helping every person we touch to be brave, create life on their own terms and relentlessly pursue what sets their heart on fire. 

Raymond Ndjonok Tonye -

Founder & CEO



Find Purpose, Lead At The Next Level & Literally Shake The World
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XC10 Heart on fire

is 12 weeks of coaching on heart-centered leadership & purposeful manhood. It's designed to help self-motivated 30 something year old men to find purpose and take full ownership of every aspect of their life.

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Founder & CEO, Trainer Revenue Multiplier

This guy is the real deal!

I've known Raymond for 5 years and when it comes to coaching and training leadership to get athletes and anybody else to the next level,

I would definitely choose Raymond.


He is now a TRM Leader and I want to be around this guy more because of what he does and what he represents as a person.


He puts his heart in everything he does and leads at the next level



Professional Athlete

Founder & CEO, Linebacker Prototye

Coach Ray empowered me to discover myself


and most importantly to believe in my abilities in life. His energy is contagious and his leadership is unmatched.


My experience with Raymond is without a doubt one of the greatest things that happened in my life. Thanks to him, I've changed many self-limiting habits and beliefs.


I am extremely grateful!

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